SEL Program for 
Self Empowered Kids
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~ Tweens ~
    ~ Tweens ~
    ... are a unique group - heart coupled with intense emotions creating a magical dynamic that is often tested with challenges, demands, and self-doubts! Being a Tween can be a time filled with many mixed emotions, choices, actions, and decisions!
  2. ~Tweens~
    Studies indicate that how Tweens think about themselves affects their social -emotional development.
  3. ~ The Self-Empowered Tweens Program ~
    ~ The Self-Empowered Tweens Program ~
    is specifically designed to meet the challenges your Tween will encounter. Focusing on mindfulness of self and others.
 My mission is to empower today’s youth, particularly Tweens, to be confident in themselves through changing their thoughts and actions while affirming who they are and  who they desire to become. As a Certified Wisdom Coach and retired teacher, I can coach, mentor, and guide children as they learn the skills and tools to live a successful and happy life~ Debra Ann Del Sardo (Ms. D)
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